Roger’s Rundown

August 6, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: Investors Wait on Virus Relief Deal

Global markets are rather mixed today as investors and traders watch lawmakers negotiate a fresh stimulus package for an economy […]
August 5, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: Investors Set Sights on Second Stimulus Deal

Global markets were on the rise today as investors and traders eyeball the stalemate between U.S. legislators over unemployment benefits. […]
August 3, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: Markets Rise on Evidence of Positive Recovery

Despite rising virus cases, global markets edged up today on positive news of a recovery in industrial activity in China […]
July 29, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: What’s Next For the Markets?

World markets are trading in narrow ranges today as investors and traders continue to eye the U.S. Federal Reserve for […]
July 27, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: Gold Soars to Record High

Global markets are rather mixed today as the price of gold soars to a record high amid increased tensions between […]
July 23, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: U.S. vs China Tensions Continue to Rise

Despite a mixed day of trading in Asia, European shares opened higher today while U.S. futures also advanced.  With earnings […]
July 22, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: Global Markets Dive as Virus Cases Rise

World markets are mostly lower today as virus caseloads continue to surge in many countries around the globe.  In places […]
July 20, 2020

Roger’s Rundown: Market Dynamics Are Changing

Much like last Friday, global markets are rather mixed today as the number of confirmed virus cases continue to soar […]
July 17, 2020

The Markets Are Reacting to THIS Big News

Right now is a really interesting time for both investors and traders…  Earlier this week, we received amazing vaccine news […]
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[Discover Timed Stock Explosions]