Wall Street is weighing positive earnings reports with hot inflation data coming out this week. Large-cap stocks are still at overbought levels and may reverse toward their 50-day moving averages. Interest rate fears could ultimately push tech stocks and other large caps lower as we approach the end of summer. 

This would create opportunities for other names like small and mid caps, which have been moving sideways. I’ve identified three pullbacks getting ready to bounce back.

Investors also eagerly awaited Federal Reserve Chair Powell’s testimony after Tuesday’s data showed consumer prices increased the most since 2008, and following today’s news that the annual producer price index jumped to 7.3%.

In today’s video, you’ll discover which segment of the market is most vulnerable… which index we need to stay away from… whether financials are a good bet right now… an update on Fed policy… and three hot pullback opportunities. 

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With inflation worries picking back up, earnings season upon us and the possibility of rates rising at the end of the summer, it has gotten harder to pick winners in this stock market. 

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Forbes contributor Adam Sarhan is finally revealing how regular traders could spot today’s most explosive stock market opportunities before Wall Street’s elite. 

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