The market is finally pulling back after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) released its June meeting minutes. The Fed talked about easing its bond purchasing program starting in August/September. I’ve been talking about the vulnerability in the market for months now… And Wednesday’s news might stir up inflation fears again. It could become the catalyst for an overbought market correction. 

I would recommend sticking to small stocks, as their levels aren’t as overbought. Small stocks are also outperforming large-cap tech by around 45% in the past year. I’ve identified an outdoor sporting goods company and a media entertainment company that have both pulled back and have upside potential this summer. 

In today’s video, you’ll discover why the market is down sharply… whether bonds are done moving higher… which index offers the higher reward/risk opportunity… the best type of stocks to hold right now… and two hot stocks set to go higher.


P.S. The current market environment has made it harder than ever to pick promising stocks. Nasdaq stocks are overbought. Interest rates are set to rise as soon as the end of the summer. And hot stocks are harder to find compared to last summer.

The old “buy and hold” strategy may not be the best approach right now…

Investors need a more systematic approach… a way to find out what level to get in and out of the stock and what the profit target should be. 

Well folks, I have a strategy that does just that. It accomplishes this by using what I call a “Sniper Line.”   

This line has helped me achieve triple-digit gains on stocks, like 261% on NKE… 400% on DIS… and 740% on ANTM. 

Learn more here.

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My Top Stocks Ahead of the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

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