Inflationary pressure is at a 13-year high. Wall Street got hit by a lot of Federal Reserve data today, including manufacturing reports, industrial production, import and export prices and jobless claims. So this will help the market analyze our economy and determine how “transitory,” or temporary, inflation will be. 

Keep your eye on the bond market as it approaches its 200-day moving average. Large-cap tech stocks continue to be overbought. These stocks are overdue for a cooldown, which is more probable as inflation fears rise and we get closer to the Fed tapering on bond purchases. That’s why I’ve identified two stocks with recent pullbacks and little sensitivity to interest rate fluctuations. 

In today’s video, I’ll show you whether bonds are going up or down… which index is set to fall… the biggest threat to the markets this week… an update on momentum levels in the Nasdaq… and two hot stocks that are pulling back and ready to bounce.


P.S. We’ve all heard that buy-and-hold strategies are the surest way to make money in the stock market…

But that’s simply not true.  

Expert trader and Forbes contributor Adam Sarhan has spent more than 20 years in the business, and he’s figured out what the big players use to be successful in the market. It all comes down to one thing — understanding human behavior. 

People have to step back once in a while and remove emotion from the decision-making process — this is incredibly important in trading. 

The goal of Alpha Trade Alerts is to follow the “King Makers” on Wall Street and understand what they’re doing with their money. Adam hones in on the price and volume of their moves, using the data to identify the most promising trades. 

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