I’ve never seen momentum levels narrow so much while indexes make new highs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find some upside in this market. The Russell 2000 has been trading mostly sideways for the past six months. The top small-cap stocks provide much more upside potential than the top names with big market caps. Today, I’ve identified two small caps with potential breakouts…

Jobless claims for this past week came in at 364,000,a new pandemic low that beat analysts’ consensus of 395,000. The other two pieces of data to look out for today are the PMI Manufacturing Final and the ISM Manufacturing Index.

In today’s video, you’ll discover which sector is most likely  to rise… which sector is prone to fall… which index will give you the biggest opportunities for upside right now… which sector I’m turning bearish on… and which stocks I’m targeting and why.

P.S. The stock market is vulnerable right now, folks. There are indicators signaling a coming cooldown.

It’s getting harder to find new trades that aren’t pullbacks or defensive stocks that could rise in the near term. 

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