Roger’s Rundown

December 12, 2019

Will Small Caps Continue To Rally?

I have some big news today. President Trump went live and said that they’re getting ready to make a big […]
December 11, 2019

Roger’s Rundown: Is This The Beginning Of The End?

The news is out, the Fed is neither lowering or raising rates any time soon. Now this is some really […]
December 9, 2019

Which Sector Am I Keeping My Eye On?

Hey folks. Let’s move on to today’s rundown, and I’ve got to say, I saw this coming miles away. While […]
December 5, 2019

Fragmented Market: What Should You Do?

December 4, 2019

How Low Will The Market Drop?

The hope of a resolution to the U.S./China trade war has crashed and burned. President Trump decided that he has […]
December 2, 2019

Will Small Caps Rally?

Though the holidays are temporarily behind us, keep in mind it’s still the holiday season and typically volume stays a […]
November 27, 2019

Roger’s rundown: Today’s GDP report

November 25, 2019

Roger’s rundown: Every picture is worth a thousand words…

November 21, 2019

Roger’s rundown: Only 54% of stocks fall into this category…

Only 54% of stocks fall into this one category… In today’s rundown, I’ll reveal exactly what category these stocks fall […]