Global markets and U.S. shares are on the rise today as investors disregard the surge in new virus cases in heavily populated areas around the world, choosing instead to set their sights on an economic recovery. 

Just look at Europe! Retail sales have rebounded in the countries that use the euro, while June car sales in Britain simultaneously increased as lockdown measures began to wind down. 

But here’s something else I’m really excited about… 

In today’s video, I’ll also explain why the market is extremely vulnerable right now… why price action and momentum are showing discrepancy… and whether volatility is expected to soar or dive. 


Traders always ask me whether it’s possible to accurately predict a stock’s price without years of experience… 

And for decades, my answer has always been no… until today, that is. 

Trading veteran Josh Martinez has created an algorithm that has the potential to predict share prices…

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