Update to Roger’s Radar

Hi trader, Roger Scott here.

A BIG change is coming here to Roger’s Radar that I must make you aware of… 

Next week, we are saying goodbye to Roger’s Radar in order to reallocate my resources and time to focus on giving you maximum value here at WealthPress! 

Now I know what you’re probably already thinking… “BUT WHAT ABOUT MY MORNING VIDEO?!”

Don’t worry, the morning video is going nowhere!! 

In fact, you’ll now start to receive the morning video (at around 9 a.m. ET)) from my Roger Scott newsletter

Here’s what it looks like…













That’s how you’ll receive your morning video going forward! If you have any troubles locating your morning video or Roger Scott newsletter issue, don’t hesitate to call our customer support team at 888-203-6695.

Not only will the morning video be finding a new home inside my Roger Scott newsletter, but we are rebranding Roger’s Radar into an exclusive letter for paid-up members only called: Roger’s Overdrive Report. 

Every single week, paying members will receive two detailed reports that highlight: 

    • Current Market Conditions
    • Current Market Levels
    • Strongest and Weakest Stocks and ETFs Straight From My CSI Scan
    • Economic Calendar & Biggest Events Approaching
    • My Market Forecast (Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term) 
    • What Trading Strategy I’m Focusing On To Take Advantage Of Current Markets
    • Bonus Trades From My Top Strategies
    • & So Much More!

This isn’t just some slapped-together paragraph… This is a beefy report… Written exclusively for my premium members. 

Having said that, my first-ever issue will be released next week. 

If you aren’t a paying member and want to ensure you begin receiving Roger’s Overdrive Report, then click right here to sign up and get a whole lot of other benefits for only $7.

On that page, you’ll find the best deal for traders just starting off with me… 

It will get your toes wet to my style of trading and also unlock hours of training and tricks I learned back in my hedge fund days…

PLUS you’ll receive 1-4 trades a month!

And you can get started for just $7

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To your success,

Roger Scott