Insider buying is huge… in fact, following the “smart” money is one of the few consistent ways to gain an edge in the market. 

When it comes to knowing the true value of a company, the ultimate “smart money” are insiders. And right now, insiders — like company executives — are buying up shares of these two stocks.

And while there are plenty of reasons why insiders sell shares of their company, there’s only one reason they buy — they expect their stock is headed higher.

If I told you there was a way to take your 401(k), IRA, or small brokerage account and turn it into the kind of wealth that could last for generations… would you believe me? 

Listen up… 

You know that $2 trillion government stimulus package that was just passed? 

Well, it’s flowing straight into the market, and a large portion of it is bound to hit a sector that’s also being hammered by cash from large institutional and private investors…

forcing three stocks to potentially explode through the roof!

And within the next year, we’ll likely see more money than ever pile into these stocks — meaning the tickers I’m about to reveal today might become too strong to fail.