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“Roger, all I can say is you are a gentlemen & a scholar. I just want to say thank you that anytime I needed help, when it was brought to your attention… It was handled. I am truly impressed. This has really made me less of just a client & more of a friend. Thank you. When I lost my job due to the Covid situation, I didn’t know what I would do… Because I’d had the same job for 10 years. My wife was working which was very hard on her considering my job had ended… Eventually I was able to get the help after I fought for it! I started with your services & with your help… And with your wisdom, I was able to increase my account approximately $25k! Thanks again.”
-James Caldwell

“My life has changed a lot cause I have guidance into understanding the market and now I know how to trade wisely… I have become a more profitable and smart trader because of Roger.”
-Geetz Nagar

“His research has been outstanding, he understands not all of us can afford to purchase the expensive stocks. That has been great for me! I’m up about 30% today because of him.”
-Darryl Dillard