Global stock markets plunged today after the U.S. Federal Reserve announced no major monetary policy changes. 

The Fed stated Wednesday its benchmark interest rates will remain near zero until inflation reaches 2%. The U.S. central bank predicts we won’t reach that metric until late 2023. However, Fed Chair Jerome Powell assured that unemployed Americans won’t be overlooked. 

But I think the Fed is all talk and no action…

In today’s video, I have more on why market internals are shifting… what unemployment data to expect this week… which sector is leading the overall stock market… and the strongest stock in the strongest sector. 



P.S. As I’ve mentioned the past few days, some of the most instrumental market activity happens before the opening bell.

Markets are moving more than ever overnight, so it’s important to analyze that data in the morning — or you’ll be flying blind. 

And if you know what you’re looking for, premarket info can pinpoint the best setups that could make you thousands in profits while reducing your risk. 

I teamed up with the world’s No.1 premarket expert, Tom Busby, to unveil a new way of trading that’s suited for this volatile market… and it’s allowing everyday traders to potentially earn 1,139.67% on their money. 

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My Top Stocks Ahead of the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

My Top Stocks Ahead of the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

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