Global stock markets are mixed today despite the S&P 500 closing Thursday at a record high.

But look at the Nasdaq, folks…

It was down 175 points as I filmed this video! And if you look at its chart, the Nasdaq hit its 50-day moving average, just like I expected, but backed away from that level, which tells me momentum levels still need to cool off.

In today’s video, I’ll cover why the Nasdaq is struggling so much today… the biggest factor impacting large-cap tech stocks right now… what the PPI report will tell us about inflation… how to take advantage of the current market cycle… one hot energy stock to watch… and one weak tech stock you’ll want to sell, short or liquidate. 

What to Expect as FAANG Stocks Prepare to Report

What to Expect as FAANG Stocks Prepare to Report

The major indexes slumped as investors brace for a busy week of earnings and the Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate announcement — and more in Monday’s stock market recap. The Federal Open Market Committee meeting starts on Tuesday, with the Fed expected to...

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