Global stock markets are higher as investors believe inflation is more stable. Tech and consumer stocks helped the S&P 500 rise slightly to make new highs on Tuesday. 

The 10-year U.S. Treasury bill slid down to 1.62%, and the bond market continues with almost nonexistent volatility. Remember that there’s a strong correlation between the bond and stock markets as investors watch for high inflation. 

Travel stocks are heating up and have already started to make their comeback. However, it’s difficult to time your entry into a sector that’s already started to explode, so I’ve found an airline stock that could make new highs after it pulls back to its 50-day moving average.

In today’s video I’ll go over whether the global economy is heating up or cooling off… my concern about volatility in the bond and stock markets… whether U.S. stocks are topping out long term or setting up for pullback… and one airline stock that’s pulling back and potentially ripe for profit.


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And those in the know on Wall Street have kept this secret for far too long, and they have an almost unfair advantage to beat the market… 

Well, folks, I’ve gotten ahold of their secret… And it’s time to even the playing field!

I’ve developed a trading strategy for these “14-day windows” that ordinary traders can use every day to help beat the market.

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