With the economy bouncing back, Americans are starting to buy more assets… and those assets will need to be insured.

My first insurance stock is positioned to benefit from this surge as a leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits and mutual funds. And I also have a second insurance stock on my radar today. 

But first…

Stock Market Recap

Global markets are mostly higher Friday as the U.S. and China continue posting strong recovery numbers. 

China’s economy reported an incredible 18% expansion for the first quarter of 2021. Japan continues to struggle as it deals with a recent surge in COVID-19 cases with only a small percentage of the population being vaccinated.

I’ve been waiting for jobless claims to dip below 700,000 for a while now… Not only did we do that this week, but we broke below 600,000! Pair that number with the 9.8% increase in U.S. retail sales from February to March, and our economic recovery data is starting to back up our positive outlook. 

Check out the video below for more of my stock market recap.

Roger’s Radar: Back To Those Insurance Stocks…

I’m focusing on the insurance subsector of the financial stocks today. Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. (NYSE:HIG) has shown strong growth the past few months. HIG was founded in 1810 and is one of the largest insurance companies out there. 

Having been around for so long, HIG has weathered many of the market’s ups and downs through the decades. Having recently made a 10-year high, HIG is positioned to bounce back from 2020’s recession. 

Insurance stocks tend to move alongside financial stocks, and the financial sector is currently looking like it may break out. There’s a flat-top ascending triangle in the S&P Financials Sector SPDR (NYSEArca: XLF), which usually means that stocks will break to the upside.

The second stock I have for you is showing nice congestion without the expansion of volatility… 

So in this video, you’ll discover why U.S. markets remain strong… the potential trading action for the long bond… an update on the global economy… and two hot stocks in the financial sector you need to watch.


P.S. Imagine if a strategy existed that allowed investors to make money regardless of the direction the stock market goes… Without having to guess which news stories will hit, what earnings will be or what direction bond yields might move…

Well, folks, you don’t have to imagine!

Wall Street legend Chuck Hughes has a brand-new strategy that’s giving everyday traders the chance to profit on thousands of stocks — regardless if the stock market is up, down or flat. 

Investors are lining up to learn more about this strategy… especially with how the markets are right now. 

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