Today, I want to use my favorite top down analysis approach when looking at the markets — so let’s begin with the global markets.

Global shares opened lower today with investors cautious after a gloomy forecast for the economy was announced. 

The Organization for Economic Cooperations and Development (OECD) had a clear message regarding the economy: This is the worst downturn it has faced in a century. 

Best-case scenario is that the world economy will shrink by 6%… maybe with a modest pick-up in 2021.

And based on this estimate in their analysis, I can see why.

In today’s video, I’m also covering which sector/industry will lead… which stock I like best… and a walkthrough on how to select options, strike price and expiration date.

I spend a lot of time talking about how to reduce risk, and during these unpredictable market conditions, I think you understand why.

A good way to decrease risk is to simply minimize the time you spend in the market. In other words, get into a trade before a large move and quickly get out.

As a matter of fact, Lance Ippolito has made a career out of these “24-hour trades.”

You see, he deciphers data from the options market and uses it to strike moments before a stock jumps or crashes.

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3 Hot, 2 Cold Stocks With a Fed Announcement on the Table

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