U.S. stocks edged lower today as jobless claims came out heavier than investors would like.

And while the trend of deceleration in numbers continues, the amount of jobs lost is still completely out of whack.

Investors don’t seem too deterred though: The market rally has no sign of slowing down, fueled by investors’ optimism that we’ll see economic growth resume as businesses continue to reopen.

However, many professional economists (and myself), think that the stock market rally could be too much too fast.

And after looking at momentum levels, my theory on this has completely changed…

Here’s what I discovered.

In today’s video, I’m also covering how unemployment data is impacting large-cap stocks… whether tech has more room to run… which sector has the most upside… and the best stock and option to buy.

Due to extensive shutdowns and rising unemployment rates, many Americans are nervous about how to cover their monthly expenses. 

But there’s a way around that… 

The ultimate insider spy — Lance Ippolito — is revealing the strategy that allows the little guy to cash in on certain stocks… just like the big banks do. 

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