After this week’s selloff, the S&P 500 entered what I call “The Twilight Zone.” That’s when prices are sandwiched between the 50- and 200-day moving average. 

What does that mean for U.S. stocks going forward? I’ll review that in today’s video.

We’ll also take a look at one of my favorite sentiment indicators. It measures how greedy or fearful the market is at any given time. Historically, it does a great job of signaling when stocks have hit a short-term high or low. 

Plus, I’ll introduce you to one of the easiest ways to improve your risk/reward on every trade you make with one simple strategy.

I spend a lot of time talking about how to reduce risk, and after this week… I think you understand why. 

A good way to decrease risk is to simply minimize the time you spend in the market. In other words, get into a trade before a large move and quickly get out. 

And there’s one trader that’s made a career out of “24-hour trades”. He deciphers data from the options market to strike moments before a stock jumps or crashes. 

He’s about to go public with his strategy…