We have an incredibly busy week ahead with earnings and several market-moving reports being published. 

The sheer amount of data being released would be enough for me to expect an uptick in volatility, but on top of that we have news that the Corona virus is spreading. 

There’s been 80 confirmed deaths and rumors that the situation is worse than China is letting on. 

Wall St. is clearly rattled, stocks are down 1.5% and the VIX is up 20% as I type this. 

In today’s video I’m also covering:

*Will the S&P 500 reach the “twilight zone?”

*How to navigate a volatile market.

*Hot to make triple-digit gains betting against “dumb money.” 

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Everyone says you should follow the “smart money”…

But sometimes, it’s way more lucrative to simply bet against the “dumb money” — investors following outdated strategies that no longer work.  

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