Investors remain wary as the full impact of the coronavirus is still up in the air. 

Countries are reacting by trying to stem as much damage as they can by shutting down schools, sports games and tightly controlling travel. That’s starting to happen in the U.S. as well — there’s a huge public organization to curb public activity. 

Here’s how I see it impacting the economy in the video. 

Today I’m also covering why volatility is near all-time highs… what’s next for bonds… the critical S&P 500 level to watch… and how you could profit from this crash. 

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I developed a system that works during (and after) huge market crashes… protecting you on the way down… and delivering stocks primed to explode higher during the rebound phase. 

Considering the market we’re in now, I honestly don’t know if there’s even been a better time for the strategy I’ll tell you about on Thursday.