While there’s plenty (and I mean a TON) of money to be grabbed in sideways markets, today I want to briefly cover my 3 megatrends that I firmly believe will dominate the markets here in the coming years… But first lets cover where we’re at in the markets.

After Friday’s tumble, we’re sitting right at the 50 day moving average on the SPY, which we did grab some support off of that. However, my eye is really on that 287 number… that’s where we can expect a real support level and if it doesn’t hold there, the markets very easily will trade down to the 200 day moving average, but hopefully should hold at the 272 June low level.

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My outlook for the week is sideways to downwards pressure… Now that China is back as the hot-topic of the markets there’s going to be more downwards pressure until either a deal is rectified or greed sets back in.

This week the only real other news we will have is the JOLTs Job Openings numbers on Tuesday and then the PPI for July (on Friday). Even if both are better than expected I expect sluggish-August to maintain that status.

On Wednesday – I’ll share with you my top strategy for trading sideways S&P stocks and I’ll even give you a few examples to help you get started with it…but today I want to cover my three megatrends for the future.

#1: Cannabis Stocks

As you probably know, legalization for cannabis has been gaining momentum across the country and it’s only a matter of time until its legal and being grown and sold everywhere.

My favorite picks for the cannabis megatrend are GTBIF (Green Thumb Industries), CGC (Canopy Growth), and then I find NBEV (New Age Beverages) as another interesting pick as they are making headway in the canned cannabis drink market – if they strike a deal with a major beverage company such as Pepsi or Coke, then this little stock could explode.

#2: 5G Stocks

This is a given. Everyone is hot on 5G stocks… but here’s what frustrates a lot of traders… these aren’t stocks that will make you rich overnight – but if you put them in more of a long term portfolio, then expect them to make major long term gains.

As you’ve maybe heard from me before, I love NOK (Nokia) – they are right in the perfect spot to benefit from 5G growth as they will be one of the dependable guys. My other top 5G pick, you can unlock by clicking right here.

#3: Artificial Intelligence Stocks

​I swear every time I google A.I. breakthroughs my mind is blown. We’re progressing so, so fast and a few companies could stand to benefit HUGE from it. Autonomous automobiles could be the next major breakthrough that we see in the next few years.

Three explosive stocks are about to go vertical…

As the global battle for 5G supremacy nears its tipping point, China and the U.S will do anything to win…

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Here’s some A.I. stocks that I believe could jolt up over the next few years (especially with autonomous growing)… ROK (Rockwell Automation) has been exceeding the industry with factory automation equipment and  CGNX (Cognex Corp) who makes machine vision systems.

That’s a wrap for the Rundown – come back Wednesday for an update on the markets, a trade you could make and exactly how to do it.


Roger Scott