Every media source out there has been focused on the coronavirus, and it’s all Wall Street can talk about as well.

But here’s the thing — Wall Street has been lying to you for a while now… don’t believe when it says something happens because of this. 

Before the coronavirus scare, I was telling anyone who’d listened that the S&P 500 was as overbought as it had been in five years. So it’s not clear-cut that the virus is fully to blame for this correction.

And that’s not even touching on the bizarre things I keep seeing in the NASDAQ — see what I mean in the video. 

But folks, the biggest takeaway is that you should not let the fear of the coronavirus blind you from the truth… that the U.S. economy is chugging along just fine right now. 

Don’t believe me? Jobless claims came out today better than expected.

In today’s video I’m also covering why volatility is out of control… what sectors are set to rally… what index has the most upside potential… and what price levels to pay attention to over the next few weeks.

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