China is in the midst of economic and social turmoil.

As of today, they reported 15,000 new cases of the coronavirus with 254 more deaths.

When it comes to a virus like this it’s incredibly hard to control, maintain, and see the end in sight…

And unfortunately, their market is suffering for it — with the steep trajectory of risk taken into consideration, global shares lowered significantly this morning.

Today I’m also covering… important FED data… current momentum levels for stocks… which stock I’d avoid buying… and which stocks look ready to explode higher.

And to be honest, I think the market is about to hit a pivot point and the next 197 days will be critical. 

To prepare myself — and you if you want the details – I’ve put together a new comprehensive report called Diamond Roadmap.

It takes you through how I see the next few months playing out and how to take advantage.