So down here in Jacksonville, Florida where I live we’re getting alerts for a CAT-3 hurricane expected to hit this weekend. It’s my first hurricane down here in ole-tropical Florida. What do I do? Still figuring that out… BE SAFE if you’re down here too!

But all this hurricane talk has me thinking… the markets are pretty stormy right? This time though, it’s not my first “rodeo”. I’ve seen it all. And that’s why I’m headed LIVE Thursday at noon eastern to give you a map to build your wealth in rough climates – click here to save your personal seat.

Now… I’ve put together a quick video to summarize.


Avoid the pain of losing in these choppy markets… when I go LIVE, you’ll learn everything I know about how to profit up, down, sideways.

Not only will I be placing a LIVE trade, I’ll also be making a bet for you to do 1,000% on your account during these crazy markets or else I’ll pay you a check for $10,000

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