The impact of the pandemic is clearer than ever this Thursday as news came out that roughly 22 million people have sought unemployment benefits in a month

…Nearly clearing out all the jobs gained since the Great Recession.

This is the worst stretch of job losses on record for the U.S., and it shows just how far the health crisis has reached into the economy — from local businesses and retail stores to law firms and restaurants.

With the economy virtually shut down, how much more can the country take? Watch how high economists predict the unemployment rate will reach.

In today’s video, I’ll also cover how the charts are reacting to unemployment data… the one sector that’s due to break down, fast… one of the weakest stocks in that sector… and how to trade a “dead cat bounce” pattern.

Trading can be simple, if you have the right information.

That’s exactly what happens when you have the type of data Lance Ippolito can tap into.

With it, he’s helped a small group of traders score double- and even triple-digit gains in just 24 hours… 

Meaning your money is never in the markets for months, or even weeks, at a time. Of course, less market exposure means less market risk — especially important given current volatility.