Stock markets rose overnight as signs that the battle against this health crisis could be making strides in harder-hit places like Spain, New York, and Italy.

Investors closely monitoring cases of the virus gleaned hope from this — the Dow Jones was up nearly 1,000 points this afternoon. 

However, Japan is expected to heavily ramp up its precautionary measures as soon as Tuesday…

Learn why in the video.

In other news, after looking at the charts, I think I have a pretty good idea of the trading range we’ll be seeing this week.

In today’s video, I’m also covering the major events that will impact the stock market this week… big reports coming out… providing specific support and resistance levels on the major indices… and offering insight into volatility index and momentum levels.

There’s a reason why most new traders fail.

The truth is that the majority of popular trading strategies that novice traders latch onto simply don’t work. 

Wall St. even has a term for those that use those strategies… “dumb money.” And they actively profit from betting against those traders.

It’s fairly predictable… which is how Joshua Martinez and I were able to turn the tables on big, institutional traders.

We’re taking advantage of their moves… using a relatively unknown indicator we call “Smart Money Spikes.”