I did something a little different yesterday. Instead of sending my typical stock market update and review video, I showed you how I’m trading the ongoing U.S. presidential election. 

You guys loved it! And since the feedback has been so positive, I decided to hop back into the trading room this morning for round two. 

So if you liked my last video, be sure to tune into the one below. Inside you’ll see how I’m positioning myself for profits and why stock markets are rallying despite all the election uncertainty. 


P.S. Look, the stock market can be unpredictable… especially given today’s social and political climate. 

That’s why you need a trading strategy that will net you consistent returns year after year — no matter what life throws our way. 

That’s where Trophy Trades can help. This stress-free trading methodology will allow you to capture more of a stock’s gains without leaving large profits on the table. 

And it works even in the most turbulent of markets. 

Click here to see for yourself. 

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