Stocks were extremely volatile today as global markets sank this morning with worldwide cases of the coronavirus hitting 200,000. Trading was even halted when U.S. indices tanked 7%. 

Investors remain on edge with the pandemic despite Tuesday bringing them a slight rally after the White House announced measures to help the U.S. economy — potentially flooding the market with up to $1 trillion. 

The government has also been throwing liquidity into the market — hoping to stem back and forth seining motion of stocks. 

Watch how this is affecting the bond market. 

In today’s video I’m also covering how much lower stocks could go… whether volatility will increase… what sector stands to drop further… the best inverse, non-leveraged assets for your portfolio… and how to get your hands on the hottest insider trade secrets. 

When markets crash… or we enter recessions… it’s the  average Joe that truly suffers. Worse, they rarely take part in the recovery.

But America’s elite, the richest folks, seem to do well even when others are struggling. 

Why is that? 

Well, it has everything to do with the fact that America’s uber-wealthy have information that most of us could never access…

Until now.

America’s #1 Insider, Roger Stone, just went live today to break his silence…

He unveiled trading secrets of the elite that could transform your portfolio… if you watch now.