The second shoe has finally dropped…

And I hate to say I told you so, but I saw this coming a mile ahead. I’ve been warning everyone not to get too excited about the rally because it was just a reaction, and not the new leg up investors were praying for.

Global markets slid down today as more cases of the virus are resurging around the world, resulting in some countries to reimpose previous pandemic restrictions to stem a second tidal wave of infections. 

This finally shook investors enough to make them  re-evaluate the likelihood of any economic growth or recovery. 

But like I’ve been saying, I saw this coming… and it’s about time I taught you my method so you can predict it the next time too.

Check out the method to my madness. 

In today’s video, I’m also covering whether the market is set to rise or drop… the big financial data expected this week.. crucial price levels on the S&P 500… and vital momentum levels to review.

I know these are troubling and uncertain times.

But now is not the time to roll into a ball and hide. It’s during turbulent and scary times like these that the biggest opportunities appear.  

So I invite you to open your mind and watch what the #1 inside trader, Roger Stone, has to say…

Roger Stone wants to level the playing field and show you how the world’s most powerful and influential families cash in when others panic.