The Fed just won’t be able to save the markets this go around… 

The damage of the coronavirus is done. And last I checked, lower interest rates won’t stop the spread or cure the virus. 

Many Chinese businesses, companies and manufacturing plants are completely shut down — and no amount of stimulus will open up factories that are offline due to the number of sick workers or fears that the virus will spread. 

Think about it. 

And from a technical perspective what I’m seeing in the charts is bizarre — check it out for yourself in the video. But don’t worry, I’ll help you navigate this bi-polar market.  

I’m also covering why NASDAQ is leading the overall market… how volatility is impacting the economy… when I expect markets to recover… and how to gain an edge in this market. 

I just made a new training available for anyone that’s struggling in this market or is looking to gain an edge trading. 

It relies on the principles that launched Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to the top of Forbes wealthiest list. 

As you’ll see when you click below, the gains can be astronomical. 

What to Expect as FAANG Stocks Prepare to Report

What to Expect as FAANG Stocks Prepare to Report

The major indexes slumped as investors brace for a busy week of earnings and the Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate announcement — and more in Monday’s stock market recap. The Federal Open Market Committee meeting starts on Tuesday, with the Fed expected to...

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