U.S. and global stocks rose today as more and more governments prepare to restart their economies.

With that, investors are setting their sights to the future in preparation for the world’s central banks to start pulling the economy out of the worst global slump since the 1930s.

President Trump is also pushing state governors to ease up on pandemic restrictions as quickly as possible, despite warnings…

However, I expect these openings to be painfully slow, and it will likely take quite some time for the recovery to actually begin. This report could give us an idea of when that may happen. 

In more news, some big companies just came out with their quarterly earnings, and things aren’t looking pretty…

Check out how the S&P 500 is reacting here. 

In today’s video, I’m also discussing the week ahead… whether S&P 500 earnings outperformed Wall Street… whether the NASDAQ 100 large-cap tech stocks will beat estimates… and which technical factors are driving the overall stock market. 

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