The news is out, the Fed is neither lowering or raising rates any time soon.

Now this is some really positive news and here’s why:

The Fed realizes that a trade deal between  U.S. and China probably won’t be work before 2020, so they’re making rates as stable as possible to help stimulate the economy.

This is all great things to hear, however I still think the Fed made a huge mistake when they lowered rates while we were at a 52-week high.

Three tries at lowering rates resulted in the yield in the long-term bond market to go higher instead of lowering. 

As I predicted in my video on Monday, the stock market is showing strong signs of a congested market with it’s triangle pattern.

And, I hate to say I told you so, but all I’m seeing now is a very stagnant market.

BUT I think that the retail sales report coming out Friday is exactly what the market is waiting for. 

The consensus for the report is 0.5% — if the number that comes out shows that it’s slowing down, then the market will retaliate in the same way. 

Remember, retail sales makeup 70%-75% of the economy… that means in order for GDP to remain on target, retail sales need to be strong.

However, I have no reason to think that the report won’t be strong since the unemployment rate was beyond what anyone could have predicted.

And if the retail sales report comes out higher than expected, then I can almost guarantee a strong Christmas rally heading our way. 

By the way, I have some more great news. 

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