Global markets were on the rise today as investors and traders eyeball the stalemate between U.S. legislators over unemployment benefits.

Unfortunately, the number of people filing for unemployment has increased following the resurgence in virus cases, which caused some states to reimpose anti-virus precautions. 

In addition to that, a report is expected to come out Friday indicating that U.S. employers added 1.8 million jobs last month. While that’s welcomed growth, it’s also a slowdown from the month of June… 

…and why I believe President Trump is ready to give us something else to talk about.


To gain an edge in today’s market, it almost feels like you need to be able to predict the future… 

But what if I told you that I have the next best thing?

You see, hedge funds and even algorithms can be fairly predictable. When a few technical factors line up, you can be almost certain that a stock is about to be bought up by institutional investors.

These three stocks just went “on the clock” and look ready to make a serious move higher, and I’m ready to give away their names, tickers, and review their setup. 

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