Global markets were subdued today as investors are still waiting to see how economies are going to be affected by the reopening process.

U.S. stocks continue to open higher, with all three major indexes up more than 1% — no doubt boosted from yesterday’s rally.

The cause behind the biggest rally Wall Street has seen in five weeks was all thanks to this Massachusetts-based company’s potential vaccine.

The best-case scenario for many investors is one where economies reopen with a vaccine just in time to stop any sort of second wave of the virus hitting…

But analysts have their doubts… and so do I.

Let’s get realistic.

In today’s video, I’m also explaining the two primary waves in the market… identifying my favorite tech stock… showing you specific entry and exit points… and offering you the best option for liquidity and price appreciation.

Folks, you may have noticed I’ve been gone for the last couple of days… for a good reason.

I’ve got my hands on what I think could be the third and final piece to a puzzle I’ve been trying to solve for years.

In 1989, a guy who started with $400 and ended up with $200 million vanished from the trading scene… and I think I just cracked his legendary trading system.

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