Eleven years of growth vanishes in one month… along with 20.5 million jobs.

In fact, April 2020 is officially the worst month in terms of job losses since 1948 — when we started tracking this figure.

The toll this health pandemic is having on our economy is historic — we are seeing Great Depression level numbers during a time when the United States should have been thriving…

Yet U.S. markets still opened higher for a fifth day in a row (despite all the grim data).

Here’s what’s going on in the market.

In today’s video, I’m also covering why the Nasdaq continues to rise… the unemployment factors driving interest rates… and an earnings update on S&P 500 stocks.

There’s going to be a surge of post-quarantine spending as governments reopen.

That $2 trillion in stimulus money is going fast — And we’re likely going to see some huge spikes in specific stocks.

Lucky for you, I’ve also predicted which stocks are set to skyrocket due to this influx of retail capital.

Don’t wait to cash in on this unprecedented wave of post-quarantine spending.

My Top Stocks Ahead of the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

My Top Stocks Ahead of the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

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