It’s looking to me like global stocks are up today because more and more governments are easing their pandemic restrictions on the public and businesses. 

While this is raising investors’ hopes for economic recovery, I’m curious to see exactly how that’s going to pan out since there are still a lot of people who are sick…

It might just be too early in the game for such a major move.

And despite U.S. stocks striving for three days of gains, analysts are skeptical about the rally — going so far as to say it’s overdone since there’s no set date to the end of this recession.

I happen to agree with them. 

My view is very simple: Without this important denominator, there will be no recovery. 

In today’s video, I’m also covering how to gauge strength and weakness in broad indices… how to gauge sector performance… how to pick the best stock with entry and exit… and how to select the best option.

I have just the thing for today’s market: I developed a system that works during and after huge market crashes… protecting you on the way down… and delivering stocks primed to explode higher during the rebound phase.

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