There are now more than 339,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the world — affecting local and global businesses, creating travel bans and causing a major economic plunge.

It’s become increasingly clear that the U.S. economy will face several setbacks before we can begin to recover. In retaliation, the Fed is taking several aggressive steps to ensure the economy survives — no matter the cost. And I believe the Fed’s measures could set up the market for the next decade…

Here’s what they’re promising and how markets are reacting.

In today’s video I’m covering the Fed’s plan to save the market… important updates on volatility levels… a critical level for the Dow Jones… and how to manage risk using volatility.

Markets are down big… again. And I’m not surprised — in fact I warned you. 

I’ve been trading for over a quarter-century. I’ve seen a lot and traded everything: Stocks… gold… options.. commodities… futures… currencies… bonds… everything.

That means I know for a fact that there’s always an opportunity. Stocks may be volatile and moving lower right now, but that’s a small part of the trading universe.

That’s why I’ve been urging you to check out my Jump Trades alerts.

There won’t be one stock ticker in there — it trades currencies and gold. Not directly — I don’t expect you to open a Forex account or buy physical gold — but through ETFs.

In the past two weeks this strategy has delivered a 103.6% return while the S&P 500 fell 23%. Perfect — exactly as designed.