In 2019, Disney reported an exceptional year. Today, all 14 theme parks remain empty, with experts expecting profits to have fallen 45% in tomorrow’s earnings reports.

Things have gone from good to bad… to ugly.

And Disney isn’t the only major company predicted to have less-than-promising data to report this week…

Get the rest of the big names here. 

In today’s video, I’m also covering why I can’t keep my eyes off the tech sector… whether earnings will improve… whether S&P 500 will dominate the NASDAQ 100… the large caps reporting this week.. and whether volatility will increase (or not).

Even with the economy opening back up in some places, there’s still a long road to recovery ahead of us. So today, I want to highlight a strategy that is working right now.

My Jump Trades strategy doesn’t trade stocks. Instead, it focuses on currencies and gold, which are completely uncorrelated to the market.  

In fact, we’ve recently closed gains of 134%, 291% and 326% — we even hit a 12-week winning streak!