It’s been a couple of crazy days with the virus, volatility and a $2 trillion economic deal to stimulate the economy.

The package will aid American workers and small businesses, but a few details are still left to be finalized before it’s voted on…

Which means, in plain terms, that it’s a blanket promise right now since none of the details have been figured out yet… and we all know that the devil is in the details. 

So the big question is which industry will be helped — will it be the airlines, housing or the medical industry?

And how will they determine which industry is in more need?

Watch the video to see how I expect things playing out. 

In today’s video I’m also covering the strongest index… critical support level for major sectors… the 3 sectors to avoid… and unusual behavior in the VIX index.

P.S Some of the most telling market activity happens before the opening bell…

Markets are making massive, overnight moves, so it’s important to analyze that before the open or you’ll be flying blind. 

And If you know what to look for, you can pinpoint and trade the best setups and potentially make thousands in profit while reducing risk. 

So I teamed up with Tom Busby to unveil a new way of trading that’s suited for this volatile market. This week, for example, you could have scored a quick 49% winner trading GLD — a gold ETF.