Although it’s only Monday, the economic calendar and world events have us moving at a rapid-fire pace already. Ain’t no rest for the wicked, I guess.

This week we have jobless claims and retail sales, plus we’re still battling the coronavirus: The number of confirmed cases from the deadly virus is up 15% in just a few days.

With the economic impact of the coronavirus starting to come to light (China is closing down manufacturing plants, for example), I expect it will impact the market more than we’ve seen up to now.

In today’s video I’m also covering the market’s most hated stocks… the earnings data that matters… a forecast for volatility… what the Fed will do next… and even how to make up to $1,450 before the market closes.

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You’re about to meet Jeff Zananiri. He was part of one of the most elite trading groups around. 

They were called the Pan Capital and turned $5 million into over $700 million in about 12-years… using one, core trading strategy that Jeff calls their “Master Trade”. 

And he’s going to break it down for you today.