We have cycled through all the letters for what kind of shape recovery the market has adopted since the onset of the Coronavirus. On the surface maybe it resembles a V, but if you dig into the fundamentals even a K recovery makes sense; Whereby the disparity between companies and people doing well and those struggling are widening.

I mean, just look at this scene straight from Marie Antoniette happening outside of Amazon CEO’s house yesterday as he became the first individual in history to have a net worth over $2 billion.

The S&P 500 Index (INDEXSP:.INX) has seen its best August since 1986. The technology stocks have boomed since the start of the recovery from COVID-19 and have supported the theory that the overall stock market has been in full bull market mode. But this disparity has led to major concerns on whether “bubble” could burst.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Fed is doing everything they can to not let that happen with interest rates due to remain low for the inconceivable future.

Can we see the stock market rally even higher? What does the Fed’s new monetary policy mean for the future of markets? Is this a stock market bubble?

Watch the full interview to find out the answer to all those questions and more…

Written by James West


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