Did you miss this week’s Roundtable session with Don Yocham?

I sat down with fellow guests Celeste Lindman and Jack Carter to discuss:

  • Current earnings reports and how they’re not quite stacking up with what we’re hearing about a coming recession.
  • The Federal Reserve’s upcoming meeting and potential interest rate hike next Wednesday.
  • How the exchanges are adapting to market conditions, including a short “crash course” from yours truly on seasonality and what it’s telling us about the major sectors right now!
  • The CBOE’s new one-day VIX tool.
  • And more!

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P.S. No More ‘BS’ With Celeste’s New Indicator 

Celeste Lindman and her team just created a brand-new indicator designed to help protect fellow traders from all the “BS” out there.

This new indicator shows potential entry and exit points, helping fellow investors cut through the noise and trade with less emotion.

There are no complicated patterns… no guesswork… and no BS!

And Celeste just held a special presentation to reveal her new indicator!

Watch Celeste’s Presentation Here