I received a ton of messages from our members over the weekend, but the most frequent request I received (by far) was more stock picks

It sounds like most of you are sitting around ready to put all your cash to work in the market, but my answer remains the same… 

The key right now is to be cautious. 

Not all industries will bounce back (or return to normal) instantly. For example, airline and  cruise line stocks could continue to sink for quite awhile. 

That’s why you must do your due diligence during your stock selection… There are a few hidden treasures out there. And if you play them right, they could carry you well into the remainder of 2020.

Which brings us to my shortlist of stocks to purchase right now…

Imagine having an extra $8,830 in your account every month… even during a pandemic like we’re experiencing right now.

For most people, that kind of money is life-changing, but difficult to come by… until now. 

I’ve teamed up with Rob Booker to create a new strategy that can deliver consistent gains no matter what the market is doing. 

The system doesn’t trade stocks or bonds… instead it relies on gold and currencies. 

And with this strategy, there’s no need to day trade. Trades are sent every other week. It’s that simple.