Is gold’s rise unstoppable, or is there a shift on the horizon?

You might have heard that I recently joined forces with Rob Booker, one of the world’s top currency trading experts. I recently spoke with him about what’s ahead for gold, and he shared a ton of important info with me.

In today’s video, I’ll give you my key takeaways from our talk … and they might not be what you expect.

Speaking of Rob Booker and unexpected things, I just took an impromptu trip down to Houston for an urgent meeting with Rob, and here’s what happened…

There’s something I’ve been working on for years with an ace team of MIT graduates. And after all this time, we finally cracked the code.

It’s three numbers that have predicted wins like 154.4%, 233.3%, 288.6%… all 14 days in advance.

Since Rob’s among the most trusted traders I know, I wanted to present my findings to him live and get his take on my discovery.

How did it go? I’m proud to report that it blew his mind. And we found some massive winners in stocks you’d never suspect…