If you’re new to investing, times like these can make your head spin — but amid the volatility and big sell-off of September 2020, I’m turning bullish on stocks. 

Three or four weeks ago, everyone was optimistic and nearly every trade seemed to be a winner. A vaccine for the coronavirus was right around the corner, the Federal Reserve and federal government were propping up markets and the economy with stimulus. 

But now, there’s been an about-face. The virus is rearing its ugly head again around the world, spurring new shutdowns, particularly in Europe, and it looks like we’ll get a second wave. There’s a lot of strife around the upcoming election and the two sides are constantly at war. 

Speaking of the election… incumbent President Donald Trump has now tested positive for COVID-19…

So maybe the market isn’t so much fun now… welcome to the world of investing!

Nevertheless, trading expert Jeff Yastine is turning bullish on stocks amid a month-long sell-off. 

Why to Turn Bullish on Stocks

If you’ve followed along with my videos, you know that I’ve been warning you about a sell-off for a while now. Back in August, even expert WealthPress trader Jeff Yastine said he thought the ongoing rally would end by Labor Day weekend in early September.

You see, the stock market is all about probabilities. Traders swing from optimism to pessimism… and back again. The best thing you can do is keep your head on straight and not allow yourself to get caught up in the emotion.

Of course, as in life, nothing on Wall Street is certain. But as I said, the market is about probabilities. The odds of something happening or not happening is like a horse race every day where the betting never stops.

Be sure to check out my video below to see exactly why Jeff is turning bullish on stocks. How about you, are you feeling bullish or bearish? Let us know in the comments below.