After two massive down days to start off the week, stocks rallied hard this morning before u-turning lower in the afternoon. 

The coronavirus-sparked selloff was sudden and violent, but they desperately needed this pullback. By just about every measure, all major U.S. indices were extremely overbought. 

The only question now is how much more will the market fall?

To get some insight on the answer to that, I’m going to review an often-ignored index… 

Even if you expect a pullback, it’s almost impossible to time the exact day or even week that stocks will fall. That’s why I always encourage traders to use hedges, trade diversified assets and use prudent stops. 

But another way to decrease risk is to minimize the time you spend in the market. In other words, get into a trade before a large move and quickly get out. 

There’s one trader that’s made a career out of “24-hour trades.” He deciphers data from the options market to strike movement before a stock jumps or crashes. 

And he’s about to go public with his strategy… and you can get the details by clicking below.