Every single day, I get emails asking me the same question…

“Roger, if you could only use one type of analysis, technical or fundamental, which would it be?”

This is a very important question, and it has a big impact on your trading.

That’s why I made today’s video for you. Watch it and get answers now.

Without the right analysis on your side, you probably shouldn’t trade at all…

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You can start applying it now, so don’t put this off. Get on it!

My Top Stocks Ahead of the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

My Top Stocks Ahead of the Fed’s Next Rate Hike

 Before we begin, I want to let you know that this morning's Trading Pub Roundtable with Don Yocham — featuring Tactical Wealth Investor’s Garrett Baldwin, Austrian trading expert Achim Mautz and yours truly, Senior Strategist Roger Scott — will be held at our new...

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