Today I want to discuss one of the most powerful indicators out there… 

It’s also extremely unique — unlike 99% of indicators out there, this one doesn’t rely on the price of a security or even its trading volume as an input.

Instead, it compares the volume of put vs. call options that are being traded on a stock or ETF, a great way to gauge market sentiment. 

If you know how to use it, this indicator can lead you to explosive trades with a fantastic risk vs. reward. 

And pay attention, this put-to-call ratio indicator is astounding… 

And when it comes to trading, you almost always want to bet against retail traders. In my experience, they lose about 70% of the time (or more!)

That’s exactly why I developed the Smart Money Spikes strategy. It lets you bet against traders using outdated strategies. 

The system so far has a 70%-plus win-rate and a profit factor of 5-to-1 (we usually makes $5 for every $1 we risk). 

The page is coming down at midnight — so you must join now if you want in.

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