There’s a big reversal in momentum happening across U.S. equities and especially the Nasdaq.

We know markets have posted an unprecedented recovery in the last couple of months. But how long could that trend continue given the overbought reality, the current coronavirus pandemic data and geopolitical tensions?

There is a massive divergence in “smart money” and Robinhood investing. Institutions, hedge funds and central banks investment in equities is at a nine-year low despite the almost V-shaped recovery in markets. This separation between retail and institutional investing, historically, has been a massive indicator that the tides are shifting.

Another sign this reversal is starting to take place is the sell-off in both Microsoft and Tesla despite their strong earnings reports.

Expectations for some stocks are very high — especially the technology names. So after this round of earnings, we might start to get a better understanding of true value.

Written by James West


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