The Consumer Price Index data released this morning showed inflation rose at the slowest annual rate in two years for the month of May, sending futures higher.

The CPI rose just 0.1% for the month, bringing the year-over-year number down ro 4%. 

The number was 0.4% excluding food and energy prices, up 5.3% year over year, indicating inflation still isn’t where it needs to be. 

Apple also received a downgrade this morning, which isn’t great news for the broad market. 

We’ll cover that and more in this morning’s Premarket Must-Watch video!

In today’s all new Must-Watch Premarket video, we’ll cover what to expect from CPI report… whether bonds will rally or fall apart… how to navigate the current bullish run on tech stocks… should you go long Apple or fade it… which sector is the strongest and weakest… what to expect from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday after its FOMC announcement and more!

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