The novel coronavirus pandemic is exactly what the video gaming sector needed to power up. 

Since nearly everyone has been stuck at home with little outside entertainment, tons of people who never used to play video games are now hooked. In other words, it’s been a groundbreaking year for the top video game stocks.  

We have to play online now. And video game makers that can continue to meet players’ needs for interactive digital entertainment could deliver massive returns to shareholders. 

With that in mind, check out the two top video game stocks I’m giving away today for FREE… 

Jump on These Top Video Game Stocks Ahead of the Holidays 

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Head Trader Roger Scott

Just think about it… 

The recent stay-at-home environment due to the COVID-19 shutdown has made top video games a hot commodity, and not just in the U.S. 

Video games are an international phenomenon.

In Italy, a government survey just released says 14% of participants significantly increased their time spent playing video games. And another 28% of people answered that they have seen some increase in their playing time. 

The bottom line is that people are now staying home and playing more video games. 

And between the timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine constantly shifting and rising case counts, some countries are starting to close back up. It looks like New York City and Chicago could be in line for more closures. 

That means we could see a second major spike in at-home activity — and a spike for the top video game stocks. 

And that’s not even mentioning the holidays, the hottest time of the year for video game sales! They’re on their way, which is a “prime time” for consumer spending and for top video game stocks to move higher. On top of all that, both Sony and Microsoft are releasing their next-gen consoles in less than a month. 

In today’s video, I want to highlight two companies I’m following. They’re showing strong momentum and look positioned to trade higher in the next few quarters… if not sooner. 

Tune into the video and then leave a comment below, sharing your thoughts on the top video game stocks I just gave away. Have you ever heard of or even traded these two tickers before? If so, how did it turn out? If not, would you trade these two names after hearing what I had to say?